Wanda-Vision | Marvel-Tv- Series-2021| Episode 1

Hello everyone!!! We are going to talk about Disney plus Hotstar’s brand new marvel series Wanda-Vision | Marvel-Tv- Series-2021| Episode 1. The Series came in Jan 2021.

The Series is based on comics of marvel yet they change somethings according to them make the series loved by everyone. Here is the promo of episode 1 WandaVision.

In the trailer we see the episode is in 60’s era, then it turns into the ’80s and Wanda gets pregnant, Vision came back, there is so much going on in the series. As we get started we see the starting marvel logo changes it is also in the 60’s era.

In the opening scene of 1st episode, we see Wanda and vision enter Westview, NJ. They were just married and both are so happy. Then we see Agnes for the first time as Wanda’s neighbor. I think she is the one name Agatha, a witch-like Wanda. Vision rushes to go his job, he can’t figure what exactly he is doing but the employ of the company only knows that their shares increase by 300% as soon as vision join their company.

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As Wanda and Vision discussing what’s special on today’s which is 23rd August, Wanda knows that it’s their anniversary and Vision’s boss reminds him that Mr. and Mrs. Hart is going to have dinner with them tonight as he is new recruitment.

Agnes suggests to Wanda how she should celebrate her anniversary with Vision. The vision calls Wanda to reminder her of tonight’s dinner before hearing anything she tells him that everything is under her control and that makes Vision relax.

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In between all this, there is an advertisement for Toaster, which is a product of Stark Industries. This shows that Wanda has a connection with Tony stark.

Vision and Mr. and Mrs. enter the home. Wanda makes a beautiful candlelight dinner for both of them. She puts her and around the eyes of Mr. Hard and asks him to guess and Vision calls her out, and at that moment she realizes she is having guests.

She calls out Agnes for help to have ingredients for the dinner. As the dinner gets ready, all of them sat down for it. Mrs. Hard, asking tones of the question to Wanda and Vision like, “Where are you from?”, “How long you have been married?”, and “why you don’t have children?”.

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Wanda thinks for a second of all the questions and tries to answer them, but they don’t have the answers. Mr. Hard keeps asking them the same question as they are not answering them and Mrs. Hard, keeps telling him to stop. As soon as Wanda looks at him, he gets chokes and fell down but Mrs. Hard keeps telling him to stop and the situation gets weird.

As seen Mrs. Hard telling Wanda to stop not to Mr. Hard, as she is doing all of this. And Wanda told Vison to help him. Then both of them leave in hurry, and vision and Wanda have their own time, where Vision asks Wanda to make rings for them and she just does it.

And the ending is like any television show, We see there is someone watching over them and keeping eye on their every move. We can see the S.W.O.R.D logo on one of the screens. So its clear something big is coming soon.

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We are going to make a review for each and every episode of WandaVsion, stay tuned and comment us on your valuable views. here is Wanda-Vision | Marvel-Tv- Series-2021| Episode 1.

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