Wanda-Vision | Episode 2 | Full Review

Hello everyone!! today we are going to talk about Wanda-Vision episode 2. here is the full review of the episode. Let’s take a look at the episode’s promo.

In the 2nd episode, We heard banging that wakes up Wanda and Vision. They were discussing on the sound what could be it. By settling down that they went to sleep. The next day Vision is practicing his magic show and Rwanda is helping him with that. They participate in the show which is for children.

Wanda heard the bang once again and goes to find out. It’s a colorful kids helicopter which is weird to Wanda because everything is in a black and white sitcom. She started to think about the banging and then Agnes shows up. She brought her pet bunny for Vision magic act. After that, they went to meet Dottie. They were having a meeting to about the club. Where Wanda meets Geraldine, who is going to be most important in the next episode.

Dottie asks Wanda to help her clean, as they were talking the radio goes crazy and calling for Wanda and asking what happing her and who is doing to her. In this movement, for the first time, we see something is wrong with Wanda. And everything back to normal.

Vision goes to Westview library, where all men are having the meeting. There Vision accidentally eats the chewing gum, and his all system gets misfunction. He started acting weird and not himself. Wanda finds out what’s wrong with him and brings him back to normal by removing that gum out of him.

They won the competition and come back home. There were talking about children and after the second we get to know that Wanda is present and that’s the sweetest movement on the show.

Vision goes to find out what’s happing and, We see the man coming out from the chamber and having a logo on his back.

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And Wanda said no to all that everything just gets rewind where they having a beautiful conversation. And we saw everything changes 60’s to ’80s. Everything is colorful now. And the show ends.

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