The Family Man- Season 2 | Review


Hello, everyone!!!! Today we are going to talk about The Family Man- Season 2 | Review. So the web series is about to break all the records.

The Family Man Season 2

Finally….!!! Hopefully, we can enjoy June month because after one and a half years family man season 2 is released.


(As we saw family man season 1) The name itself says the man who protects his family and its family is a whole nation !!
the various groups of terrorists are attacking India by the sleeper cells and the attack is operated by one chief from outside the country. And TASC is the intelligence of India that trying to stop all terrorist activities and protect India.

As we know, MANOJ BAJPAYEE plays the main role in this series,s so be mentally prepared for his fabulous acting and performance screenplay. And also to hear bad words. He has a separate fan base for bad words ๐Ÿ˜‚ย Godzilla Vs Kong | Full Review| 2021

At the end of the season, 1 terrorist planed the gas attack on the chemical factory But the team of TASC is reached there and fight with them and trying to stop them and in the suspense the season 1 ends

The second season starts with the training of terrorist organizations in Shri Lanka. They are preparing for an attack they are all brainwashed to kill people on their sir’s order.
And the side our main hero Shrikant is changed is his job because of guilt. He joined an IT company under the young manager and side by side he is in touch with his old profession .he is collecting information of TASC mission from his old friend jk.

Here the new character is introduced RAJI. She is a trained girl from Sri Lankan terrorist organization. she has 2 faces. She acts like a poor shy girl with a very innocent face just work and go home it’s her life.

And the side she is a very dangerous and brave fearless terrorist. She doesn’t have to care about her life for mission and her sir.

As we go on watching the series, we get to connect the characters in the series and we will love it and create absolute bond and affection between characters. The various small characters are introduced but they are also getting familiar quickly with us.

In this season things gonna more complicated in Shrikant’s family. So it’s very difficult for Shrikant to handle it properly. he has pressure to handle terrorist activities and fix all things u can see in the series.

Also,ย  we can see the strongest friendship bond between Shrikant and JK. The bond between silly brother and sister Dhriti and Atharva and also we will see the more silliness of Atharva.

The Series is full of suspense and surprising movements and we can’t wait to see what happens next so as we started watching the series we can’t wait to finish quickly.ย For delicious food
But one big disappointment is there that is series is 50% in the Tamil language. So it’s very difficult to understand while watching series.
My personal opinion is to learn the language spoken in Nagaland ๐Ÿ˜‚ because next season is related to that. And also in this series too we got suspense for the next season .so can’t wait for it …….

Here is a full review ofย  The Family Man- Season 2 | Review. Stay tuned for more.


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