Tenet| 2020 Movie| Explained start to end

Hello everyone…I’m back with a full review of the brand new movie Tenet. Without any further due lets begin Tenet| 2020 Movie| Explained start to end.

Tenet is an 2020 American thriller-action movie, written and director by Christopher Nolan.  So from the trailer we get an idea of movie, movie is about saving the world from destroying. Let’s get a look at trailer.

Movie begin with the terrorist attack in National Opera House, Police gather in crime seen blow sleeping gas to the opera house. With police force our actor also go in opera house to accomplish their mission. Which is grabing the package ( Capsule ) and clean the evidence.

While  exiting  the mission they were got by the bad guys and our hero’s role played by John David Washingtone. During the torture he refuse to give information about his team and take suicide pills.

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He woke up and finds out that this whole mission is a test. The protagonist passes the test he choose to die over telling the information about his team. He find out a combination of words Tenet which will help him to survive.

He meet an Dr. Laura and try to figure out what he is dealing with. There is an war going which is worst than nuclear war, it not only distory our future but also our past. This think have reverse effect of things. He try to get the stuff and go to the Mumbai to meet Sanjay Singh.

In the club he meet Neil ( Played by Robert Pattinson ) and he told protagonist that it’s impossible to meet Sanjay Singh. But meeting his is important. They decide to break into the house and have some chitchat with Sanjay. Priya ( Played by Dimple Kapadia ) wife of Sanjay, tells about tenet and its her operation, she told about him about Andrei Sator.

He made billinos from the gas, Priya told him its not gas it was plutonium. He question her “There is no relation between him and the your inverted munitions?”. Priya gave him contact in London, protagonist meets him and got info about Andrei’s wife who has intrest in paintings. She is the only way to catch attention to Andrei Sator.

Object entropy can be inverted using its can be change and that’s the war, not the nuclear one but temporal. Protagonist meets priya again and have information about turnstile. A machine for inverting which gave to Sator from future.

He tries to steal plutonium 241 but sator finds out and they failed. Kat almost lost her life. The story is little bit complicated but it’s fun to watch it.


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And that’s it for todays blog. Hope you download and enjoy the amazing movie. Don’t forget to leave comment down below. We love to here your suggestions.



  1. At the end when he kills the lady in car, How does he manage to get all pieces of of Algorithm ?

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