Roohi- Full Review

Hello everyone!!! today we are going to talk Roohi- Full Review movie. The movie is released on 11 March 2021. Directed by Hardik Meheta. IMDb rating is 4.5 for the movie. so, let’s start our review. First, take a look at the trailer.


Rajkummar Rao as Bhawra Pandey- Bhawra is a reporter of the local newspaper.  He also introduces his city as a guide. He falls in love with  Roohi. And the journey to the hilarious story begins.

Varun Sharma as Kattanni Qureshi- Kattanni is partner of Bhawra. And he also falls in love with Afza, who lives within Roohi as her second form.

Janvhi Kapoor as Roohi/Afza-  Roohi got posses by a witch on her own wedding day. She got kidnapped by Bhawra and Kattanni as they both have to do that.

The story begins with the comedy scene where Bhawra and Kattanni help a foreigner to make a documentary. There is a myth around the village that if the groom sleeps at the wedding night, then a witch came and takes the bride with her.

While they were exploring the village with the foreigner, their boss calls them forces them to attempt a crime. They don’t want to do that, but they have to do it.

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Their boss gives the information about the girl and her father, where they have to kidnap the girl. It’s so funny to watch this scene. They did and they have to deliver the girl to another city. But something went wrong and they have to keep her hidden from the police for 15 days.

Then they go to the factory which is close for years and the perfect place to hide. The name is Roohi, they tie her to the chair in case she runs away.  Bhawra started falling in love with Roohi, he started to keep eye on her. Later he finds out, that she is not any normal girl. There is something about her.

On other hand Roohi’s father goes to the cops to help find his daughter. he gave the police her picture as Roohi and also as Afza. Afza is her second form.

Bhawra gets scared after saw Roohi’s other form and ran towards Kattanni. Both came to see her, this time Roohi is normal but she is hungry. Kattanni made some snacks and Bhawra gives to her.

At night Afza is there, Afza takes over Roohi’s body and becomes herself. Kattanni loves Afza, as he likes her angry face. Bhawra drives everywhere to find the cure for Roohi. And eventually, he found.

There is so much going on in the movie. It’s fun to watch. Comment if you want the rest of the story. Hope you like Roohi- Full Review. Thank you!!!!!!

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