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Hello Everyone!!! We are going to talk about Disney’s first Southeast Asian Movie Raya- Disney New Movie- Full Review. Let’s take a look at the trailer first.

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Raya and the last dragon

At the starting of the movie, we see Raya, riding on her Tuk-tuk. And telling us a story about the kingdom that lives happily once. And its name is Kumandra. People live happily with the dragons. Dragons, who brought peace, water, and rain.

But then one-day Drunn came the mindless plague that spread like wildfire. The dragon fought to save humans but that’s not enough. Then the mighty Sisudatu concentrate her all magic into a gem and blast it. Drunn gets away and everyone who turns into stone came back to life, but not the dragons.

All that is left is Sisu and her gem. Instead of uniting people became people and fought for the gem. Kumandra divide and all become enemy, gem had to be hidden. But that’s not how World gets broken.

500 years after, Raya came to this story. We saw Raya, getting ready to fight, she enters the room where the gem is kept. She thinks it’s too easy and then her father shows up. He challenges her that she can’t touch her foot in the circle of the gem. They start to fight eventually she lost but also wins.

Raya’s father has invited all the leaders of the other lands. He thinks, by uniting kumandra can make again. Tail, talon, spine, and fang. Benja invites them to heart, to have lunch together, and to offer the hand of friendship. He thinks all can kumandra once again, but someone has to take one step.

Raya and the princess of fang Namaari became friends. Raya and Namaari talk about dragons and kumandra, Raya believes what her father told, and shares with Namaari. She gifted her sisu necklace to Raya as a gift and told about fang legends that think sisu is still out there. all we need to find her.

Raya decides to show her, where the gem is kept, but Namaari is going to betray her new friend. Namaari gives singles to her mother and everyone shows where the gem is kept.  Everyone wants the gem, started the fight, in that fight, gem gets broke and drunn came with that.

Everyone grabs the piece of the gem and runs back, Rays’ father saves Raya and told don’t give up on them. After six-year, she searches every river to find the last dragon and bring her Ba and everyone back to life. her searching now has come to end.

In tail land, she found the last dragon. Who is sleeping for 500 years. Raya told her what happen 500 years ago. She gets sad that her family is now stone. But Raya gives her hope that we can still fix it and be kumandra again.

By assembling all the pieces and run the drunn away. They start collecting other pieces of the gem. They already have one chunk of it, they start their journey from the tail, the leader of the tail becomes the victim of her own taps and lost her life. By touching a gem sisu turns into a human.

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After that, they meet Boun, who also lost his family. With the help of him, they start their journey to the talon. After getting gem from there they headed to spine. The forest of bamboos.  Here we see the fight between NAmaari and Raya. and Namaari finds out that dragon sisu exists.

Now they have all four pieces, but they need the last one which is in the fang. It’s hard to get that without getting into someone’s eyes. They made a plan. But Sisu wants something different.

Sisu brings Raya to heart, where she uses the magic gem. Sisu tells her what really happens 500 years ago. Sisu’s brother and sister concentrate all their magic into the gem and give to the sisu to run away drunn which she did, but sisu lost her all brother and sister’s.

She decides to take help from Namaari, so she sends a letter and a little gift to her. She agrees and comes with the last piece of gem. They meet outside of fang’s border. As we know Namaari betrays Raya once again. This time she accidentally kills Sisu and the magic in the gem ends. And drunn comes to fang.

Like other places, fang also turns into people of stone. Raya gets angry over sisu’s death and blames Namaari. They started their own fight. Raya realizes, her friends and the people of fang are in trouble. She stops fighting and helps the people, as Namaari joins them.

The movement comes where the magic of the dragon is not protecting them, it’s time to unite and stop the drunn. But no one trusts each other, then Raya takes one step forward and handover her gem to Namaari and becomes stone. After that Boun and Tong also gave their gem to Namaari and become stone as Raya.

Namaari lost everything, she arranges all the pieces into one but doesn’t seem to work. She put the gem on the stone and becomes a friend of Raya and turns into a stone. And the magic happens, trust brings the sisu back and all the dragons back as well as humans too. But the sisu remains dead. Her all brother and sister manage to bring her back.

Everyone comes back to life and they make Kumandra once again. Raya is the only movie of Disney princess that doesn’t need any prince or anyone she is best when she is on it’s her own.

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