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Hello everyone, Finally Marvel Entertainment announced the miniseries. Here is the review of Loki | Finally Coming | Marvel Studio and Disney.  Loki is a frictional character from marvel comic book. Produced by Marvel Studio and Distribute platform is Disney.

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Cast and Character 

Tom Hiddleston playing the role of Loki. Adoptive brother of Thor and god of mischief by the mythology given. There is going to be another timeline for this. Avenger 2012 in the bigning so he had not gone through the Thor: The dark world 2013.

By the September 2018, Marvel studio developing the several series for the for its parent company Disney. Loki will be release in May 2021, Still the trailer is out for the fans. Let’s get a look of it.

Here also, what we fan thinks that it’s Natasha will be there, which seems to hard because of the timeline. But fans loved to watch that also.

We all are going to have fun while watching this. Stay tune for more updates and don’t forget to leave comment. So here is the Loki | Finally Coming |.


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