Godzilla Vs Kong | Full Review| 2021

Hello everyone!!! Today we are going to talk about the new movie Godzilla Vs Kong | Full Review| 2021, released on 26th March 2021. 1h 53m movie is one of the best examples of CGI. Directed by Adam Wingard, and the movie has around a $150-$200 million budget. But first, take a look at the trailer of the movie.

We can say this is the next sequel of the movie Godzilla: King of Monster, and Kong (2017). At starting we see KOng waking up in a beautiful forest, but a little bit he knows that’s all lie. The human was kept captive in a digital cage, to study him, the island called skull island. They decide to shift Kong, but it is necessary to keep Kong hidden or Godzilla will kill him, according to myth only one can survive. People need Kong. They had to shift Kong somewhere else. Falcon And The Winter Solider | Ep3| Review

We see APEX advertisement, company is working on robotics and genetic. Then we saw much copying all information about APEX and out of sudden alarms goes off. He knows something is going to Hong Kong, but what he doesn’t know. He sees some scientists running in the direction he follows them. Godzilla is coming to the city. he attacks Titan.

Madison talks about it with her dad. She believes there has to be a pattern for his behavior of Godzilla. she listened to podcasts again. And decides to find the way to it. Walt Simmons went to meet Dr. Nathan, his theory about the birthplace of all Titans impress him. He asks him to help to find the route to the hollow earth.

Dr. Nathan went to meet Dr. Ilen, he told her about her hollow earth and they need Kong to lead them there. By that we can find a home in Kong, he insists. They decide to shift kong through water, but they know Godzilla will find him and attack him, and exactly what happens.

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Madison wants to meet the who is investigating the APEX truth, she and her friends both went to meet him. Bernie is his name. Three of them now together finding the truth about Godzilla and APEX.

While they are shifting Kong, Godzilla senses him and comes after him. Here we see some amazing work of CGI, Kong, and Godzilla are in front of each other now. They had a fight, in which Kong wins with the help of humans. By shutting down all the power and engine.

Madison and Bernie decide to break in APEX, they found their way to sublevel 33. After a fight with Godzilla, Dr. Nathan decides to take Kong by air. Soon they reach Antarctica, from where they can go to Hollow earth, as Kong leads them to theirs.

Madison and Bernie find out a man-made Godzilla, made by APEX. But the question is how they made an extremely large robot-like Godzilla. Dr. Nathan, find the home of kong, They finally made it to the hollow earth.

As Madison and the boys getting out their way, they found the skeleton of monster zero. APEX takes DNA from monster zero and made a robot of it. They all are waiting for the main source to connect, and the main source is the land of the hollow earth.

Godzilla senses the presence of monster zero, which is the man-made robot of the APEX. He headed to Hong Kong to end him. But the robot is too strong as it has a DNA of monster zero, and after getting the main source, it’s going to tough for Godzilla to stand alone in front of him.

Kong, place the weapon on its spots. Godzilla senses it and blasts the leader into the ground, which opens at the kongs’ home. Godzilla challenges Kong to fight. Maia Simons claims the energy source to APEX, as she drills and takes a DNA sample of it, and sent it to Hong Kong, which further connects to the robot.

Kong leads to Godzilla, as they have unfinished war. Godzilla almost killed Kong. He smashes his heart like Kong had a heart attack and he is losing his life. Mechagodzilla takes control all over the system and disconnects the pilot mode. Now he is all by himself. He attacks Walter Simmons.

Now, Godzilla is against Mecha. They had a huge fight scene in the movie. On the other side, Dr. Nathan and Ilen, trying to wake up Kong, his heartbeats are getting low, and he is about to die. Dr. Nathan came up with an idea, to explode is HEAVE on the Kong’s chest. As it produces an extreme amount of electricity.

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They explode it, and Kong wakes up right away. Jia explains to him, Godzilla is not an enemy. Kong runs to help him. Now both are together fighting against Mecha. Both end the Mecha and had an understatement that there can be 2 titans on the earth. And that’s how it ends.

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