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Hello guys, Today we are going to talk about Fantasy Island the American supernatural thriller movie. Here is the full review of Fantasy Island. So let’s begin review of Fantasy Island | 2020 Movie Review|.

Fantasy Island is place where all your fantasy come true, everything is possible here. The island own by the Mr. Roarke and he manages all things on island. He and his wife found this mystical island, but while there hunt Mr. Roarke lost his wife. One day 5 people arrived at the island, they all won the competition and got the holiday package to the Fantasy Island. Island have two rules, Only one fantasy to each one and we have to see fantasy to its natural conclusion. Let’s being with the trailer…..

2 out of 5, the brother’s JD and Brax.  There fantasy come true right-way when they reach the island. They ask about every young person want, weed, girls, boys and crazy night.    Wonder Women 1984| Trailer, Cast, Release Date…..

Next is Miss. Oslen, to get her fantasy come true. She always dream about getting marride and have daughter with her ex-boyfriend. Who’s proposal she rejected. She gets the second chance and this time she say yes. They lived as happy family all she ever wanted

Next Mr. Sullivan, A police officer who wish to be a solider just to feel like his father. But get’s something more and that’s his father. He don’t trust at first then he figured out that its real.

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At last but not the least, Melanie a young women. who’s wish is getting revenge on her bullies . She get bully when she is in 8th and that created such trauma to her. So she want revenge, and that’s what she get it.

But sooner they all realize that it’s more than just there fantasy, what are they all feeling is real not an any kind of act. They all get attack in their fantasy. Melanie and Mrs. Maddison ( the one who she torturing ) get chance run and they did. JD and Brax faces to the guard of the house the were staying. And Sullivan got attacked by the some people.

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Ms. Olsen later realize that it’s not she really want. So she approaches to Mr. Roarke to change her fantasy but he refuses. Then she ask Julia who works their and also the wife of Mr. Roarke. Julia helps her and got another chance to fulfill her fantasy.

She wants to save her neighbour’s life who stuck in fire beacause of her. But she failed to save him and also lost the second chance.

Jd, Brax and sullivan finds out their fantasy get mixed with each other, but they don’t figure out how.

Ms.Olsen, when get her 2nd chance to Save Nick ( her neighbour ) she saw Jd, Brax who lived the same building where she used to live and Sullivan is the same cop who is at there at time.

Melanie meets a guy name Damon in the forest, who is stuck in the island. He told that he is also a guest and his fantasy was to have her dead daughter back but that’s not how it work. He figured out how the fantasy island work and show the the girl magic stone where island gets the power, who ever drink the water from that stone their fantasy comes true.

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Ms.Olsen understand that it’s not about everyone’s fantasy its a single fantasy, and they are all part of it. They all come together they tgought that it’s nick’s mom fantasy to punish them or Mr,Roarke doing all this to save his wife.

They tried to get off the island but they failed, then all of them decide to end the source of island, they plan to blast stone with granite. So they all goes toward stone. Where they all faces their fantasy nightmare. They finally finds that its not Julia’s fantasy.

It’s Melanie, It’s her fantasy to get all of them in one place. She blame them all of them in Nick’s death. She wants all of them dead in place of Nick. That’s her fantasy.

Mr.Roarke, told them thats he wants his wife so he made wish. But her wife was die and appears again and again without knowingly. And its painful to her. Gwen question him “Is that even love? watching her die again and again? make her suffer?”. gwen told him to let her go. Juila then told him, to let her go. She don’t want this. And he makes him decision by letting her go.

Sloan is the only one who don’t get any wish on the island, she drinks the water and make her wish that nick and melanie get toghter.

And that’s how story ends, the same as its started with the fantasy to the fantasy.


You can download the movie with this link.        Click Here To Download

I hoe you guys watch the movie and download it. Don’t forget to watch our another review and chance to want movie. Leave the comment if you like. Here is the review of Fantasy Island | 2020 Movie Review|. Thank you.


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