Falcon and Winter Soldier | Episode 2 | Full Review

Hello everyone!!!! We are going to talk about Falcon and Winter Soldier | Episode 2 | Full Review. Release on 26 March 2021. In the first episode, we saw Sam returns the shields. and Bucky was upset about that.

Falcon and Winter Soldier | Ep2

In the 2nd episode. we see, Jonh, the new Captain America, practicing before going out and collecting some courage. Jonh is giving an interview about his new life in Captain America and the responsibility. And Bucky and Sam watch that very humbly.

Sam and Torres have a lead on the flag- Smashers, they were heading towards them. Bucky came to meet sam, Bucky is mad at Sam that he gave the shield back. Sam is on his way to catch the gang and Bucky asks to join them. They both went go to recheck the information.

They both found the place, They suspect they are smuggling the weapons. And both were right. They went to check, there are medicine and some other thing. They thought they are keeping the hostage. But that’s not the case, they all are super-soldiers, like Bucky. They all have so much strength.

Captain America enters into their fight And comes to the rescue. But the smugglers got their way. Now they have to find, after 80 years, how these soldiers come. Captain America and Battlestar, come and offer them lift. And trying to have a chat with them.

Jonh track Sam to find them and the hiding spot of Flag-smashers. Walker asks if they can work together and Bucky said “No” instantly. Jonh tells Bucky, he doesn’t to takes steves place, he just wants to be a good Captain America. And want steves assistants with them. And that’s his mistake.

Flag-smasher finds a home. The government is still finding them. Bucky decided to clear this mission on his own. Bucky asks Sam to meet someone, who can help us to find super soldiers. They went to meet Isaiah, An hero, Supersoldier Bucky. Bucky asks Isaiah to helo him. But Isaiah says no to him directly.

Bucky went to attend his therapy. Sam’s return to the shield is what bothering Bucky. Walker wants to work together but Sam says no.

Karli and others are gathering some things. The power broker’s men found them. They need some time to get out of there. One of them hold there and gave them chance to escape.

Bucky wants to contact someone who knows about hydra. He decided to see Zemo, and Sam also agrees with him even though he is not sure about that.

Here is our Falcon and Winter Soldier | Episode 2 | Full Review. Stay tuned for more.


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