Falcon And The Winter Solider | Ep3| Review

Hello everyone!!!!! Today we are going to talk about Falcon And Winter Solider | Ep3| Review. Episode released on 2nd April 2021.  In this episode is we saw some action and also about the storyline.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier 

At the beginning of the episode, we saw an advertisement for GRC ( Global Repatriation Council ). After that, we see a new Captain America raid on the area in search of Karli. They didn’t find her, but only her followers. Jonh is so desperate to find Karli and what she is looking for.

On the other hand, Sam and Bucky go to meet Zemo. Sam asks Bucky to consider his discussion once again. Bucky is confident about his choice. Zemo checks if where bucky is still a doll of hydra. Bucky tells Zemo, that someone made Super-Soldier serum again, and he wants to find who made it. bucky asks for Zemo’s help.

Bucky wants Zemo out of the jail. Sam is totally against it, he reminds Bucky what he did to him, to the UK, and the King of Wakanda. Bucky just wants to found who is behind it. three of them flew to meet Selby, they go the be like a place to find Selby in madripoor, an island of Indonesia. On other hand, Karli is going to lose someone who she loves most.

Zemo, Bucky, and Sam arrange to meet Selby. They know about Nagel,  who might create a super-soldier serum again. They went to find Nagel.  But things go wrong and the fight starts. Zemo shot Selby directly into the head. This is not good for them, now everyone is ready to kill them.

Sharon saves them and helps them to find Nagel. She told them that Nagel is work for a Power broker. Power broker who is everything to Madripoor. Nagel tells everything. After HYDRA is closed, CBI hires him and gave him a man who has Super-Soldier serum in his blood. Nagel runs tests and separates the serum from his body, and makes a formula.

After coming back, it’s been 5 years so Nagel comes to Madrippor, and Power-Broker happily sponsors his research. He made 20 injections of Super soldier serum. Later Karli stole the serum from his lab and use it on her and other members. and they are ready to give others. Nagel told Sam there are 20 of them.

They managed to escape from there. On the other side, Karli and other refugees stole food and other essentials from the police. But Karli has little different plans. She explodes the whole building, people still in the building and she didn’t think before doing this.

Sam, Bucky, and Zemo reach Rega. To talk with Karli. Bucky wants to take a walk, so he left. But he acted a little weird. He found Wakanda stone and then Wakanda soldier. She is there to take Zemo.

And the episode ends…..do visit again for more. Here is our Falcon And The Winter Solider | Ep3| Review. Hope you like it.


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