Falcon and the winter soldier- Episode 1- Full Review

Hello Everyone!!! today we are going to talk about Marvel’s new series Falcon and the winter soldier- Episode 1- Full Review. Let’s take a look at the promo of the series.


Falcon and The Winter Soldier

And here’s the wait is over for marvel fans, finally, their first episode is released🤩


In the movie end game, the last conversation between Steve Rogers ( Captain America ) and Sam is this Steve gives a shield to Sam and said how does it feel? Then Sam:- like it’s someone else’s than  Steve:- it isn’t
By these wordings, the series starts and gives us goosebumps.

While watching this episode keep a bucket of popcorn with you or else you bite your nails because the first 10-12 mins are superb 🔥. It has shown chasing of enemies in a such thriller way you can’t even eyes close while watching.
By that intro scene, you can predict how the series will gonna be amazing 🤩

There is shown tribute for captain America by making a museum of his own things suits helmet etc.

We are not gonna tell u the full story because you have to watch this to experience the thrill of this sci-fi episode
So let’s see characters who lifts this episode


you all know sam have the wings
By that, he can fly and protect him from bullets and enemy but in all marvel movies sam is not in our focus and we do not much know about his wings but in this episode, we all gonna see and experience his more powers and ability to face every situation.
We all know he is one of the Avengers who can protect help the public and fight against the enemy and saves many lives. But we don’t know how his family is living in poor condition that they can’t have even money to run home and their need. So we gonna see how they can face financial and many problems in this episode

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Bucky Barnes:-

we all know that Bucky is the best friend of Captain America we saw their friendship in the civil war movies. One hand of Bucky is full of steel and that hand is soo much powerful. Bucky was the very cruel and very bad guy working for hydra against all avengers.
In this episode Bucky is seen that is taking medical treatment to cure his bad nightmares and to be a good citizen . he is pretending to be good in front of his doctor and keep convince the doctor he is now a good man but he is deep down not change he is bad man only.

There is a surprise entry of James Rodie when sam gives the shield to the military of the U.S.

And we all get to know who is the new Captain America.

All characters in this episode are just amazing doing their works and play roles beautifully. And the storyline is supposed to be very nice let’s see what will happen in the next episode stay tuned.

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Here is the Falcon and the winter soldier- Episode 1- Full Review. Thank you.


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