Enola Holmes- Full Review

Hello! guys I am up with the brand new Film, Enola Holmes by Netflix. Here is a full review of the movie. Stay tune for more reviews of movie, series and songs. So, let’s get start….

Enola Holmes is an American mystery movie. Movie is based on series of book Enola Holmes, Written by Nancy Springer. This story of a teen who is little sister of already-famous Sherlock Holmes. Teen who who goes to London in search of her mother, Who has disappeared.

As, we see in trailer, the story begins in 1884, Enola Holmes is the youngest child in Holmes family. She has been taught every thing. She is extremely intelligent and insightful. Her mother, Eudoria, taught her everything reading to fighting and make her  independent thinking young woman. To Enola her mother is everything.

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On her 16th birthday, Enola find out her mother is disappeared and leaving behind gift’s for her. She ran to the train station to pick up his brother’s, Sherlock Holmes and  Mycroft Holmes who failed to recognize her. Sherlock finds her a intelligent girl but Mycroft thinks she is trouble for him. As guardian of Enola, Mycroft wants to send her away to finishing school who run by Miss Harrison. The gift left for Enola ended up having an secrete message that leads her to hidden money, using them Enola manages to escape by wearing boys outfit. On the train she meets Viscount Tewkesbury who is hidden in traveling bag. They both jump off from train, and travel by them self to London.

Viscount Tewkesbury and Enola say’s goodbye to each-other. Enola starts searching her mother, she know that her mother loves to play with words. So she she gives advertisement to newspaper. Her investigation leads to her in pamphlets and a safehouse containing explosives. Where she attack by the Linthorn, who is in search of Tewkesbury. So she decide to stop investigation about her mother and find Tewkesbury to save his life.

Enola finds Tewkesbury selling flowers in Convent Garden. She helps him to find out who is the really villain, and it’s turns out that it’s Tewkesbury’s grandmother. She shoots her grandson Tewkesbury but he survived. Sherlock arrives at Scotland and Lestrade asks him questions. first, how he managed to solve the case, and second, how his sister (Enola) solved it first.

The story is really interesting and adventurous. The movie spreads the message of women empowerment. And all the characters nailed their roles. So, Here is the Enola Holmes- Full Review movie by Netflix. I hope you guys like my review and have interest to watch the movie.

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