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Hey guys, here is full review of new realse movie “Bulbbul -Review  Anushka Sharama Production” Movie and directed by Anvita Dutt Guptan. In this 1h34m movie there are some exciting stuff. Here we started our Bulbbul Review -Anushka Sharama production.

The story starts in the nineteenth century in Bengal Presidency. Bulbbul is married off to Indranil, the Bado Thakur (Elder Lord),
when she is barely five years old. She is close with Satya, Indranil’s youngest brother, who is closer to her age. Bulbbul and Satya grow up together,
playing and telling each other stories of a demon woman (“chudail”).As we seen in the tralier

The characters established, the films jumps 20 years into the future. Satya, on his way back to the ‘haveli’ after having studied law in London,
is informed that a series of mysterious deaths have taken place in the time that he has been away.
The villagers seem to believe that it is the doing of a witch that haunts the surrounding forest. Satya, in proper Jonathan Harker mode, dismisses the claims as old wives’ tales.

But a lot has changed in the years that Satya has been gone. His brother Mahendra has been killed in his sleep, and his other brother,
the Thakur, has disappeared. Bulbbul, meanwhile, is no longer the spirited young girl that she used to be; she has now fully embraced
her life as the ‘Thakurain’ of the house, lounging on settees all day, being fed paan and sherbet, exuding a playful yet unsettlingly self-assured energy.

In flashbacks, it is revealed that Binodini had hinted to Indranil that Bulbbul had feelings for Satya. In response,
Indranil sent Satya to London to separate the two. Bulbbul and Satya had been working on a story together, the manuscript of which Satya handed.

over to her before leaving for London. Heartbroken, she had thrown the manuscript into the fireplace.
With his mind poisoned by Binodini, Indranil takes out the remaining burning pages and reads them, becoming convinced of Bulbbul’s feelings for Satya.
Enraged, he beats and mutilates her feet. While she is bedridden, Mahender rapes her and apparently causes her death.  However,
the event actually causes a supernatural change in Bulbbul — she comes back with a mission to help the females in the village fight back against injustice.

She goes through a symbolic transformation that is defined by a blood red moon, which indicates that the goddess Kali has given her soul a chance to return to her mortal body.
She starts punishing the men who abuse and murder their wives or take advantage of girls by killing them but the villagers think it is a chudail, distinguished by her backward feet.

At the end Satya burns the forest in anger, and then realize the truth and here the story ends.This movie show us the dark side of fairy tale, that all fairy tale don’t end happily.

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