Artemis Fowl 2020 | Disney Hotstar | Review

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about Disney’s new movie “Artemis Fowl” , Here is the Artemis Fowl 2020 | Disney Hotstar | Review . Hope you enjoy it. By watching the trailer we get an idea about the movie. It is based on Eoin Calfer. Movie is released on 12th June 2020. Produced by Disney. Let’s take look at the trailer before we start.

Movie start with scene media gathering around the house of Fowl. As Senior Artemis Fowl’s chopper has been dispeared or has been kidnaped by someone. Police arrest the man name Mulch Diggums. He tells the whole story about the Aculas and the magical world. Aculas is powerful weapon that can di the worlds. Mulch tells the story is not about the father is about the son Artemis Fowl jr.


Story start with most magical land on earth, and home of Artemis Fowl Ireland. Artemis is very smart and intelligent kid, he loves to spend time with his father. Artemis sr. taught Artemis jr. everything about the leprechauns and the banshees, sprites and the goblins so much we can even imagine.

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Artemis jr decide to save his dad from the mysterious creature he never know who is he. The he start his way to find the aculas. Mr. Butler, friend, bodyguard, caretaker of artemis tells him to get dressed and told everything about his father doing in his whole life. Soon he find outs his father journal and started to think about the aculas.

Mulch tells us about Heaven city, the home of fairies. Where all creature lives together under our feet 1000’s of years. Briar Cudgeon who is prisoner in another jail gets chance to become commander again under in conditions, he has to spy on fairies and gives information to the bad one. Fairies searching for the aculas. Short the fairy who is also in search of her father and have lead on it, wants to go out in the world and search for him, but simply she can’t.

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Artemis trying to contact with fairies and enters in their system fairies send officer short to identify the person who is he and report it. But this is also a good chance to find about her father. Artemis is ready to capture the fairy on hill of tara, and he did. The whole army of fairies come to rescue officer short.

Artemis is ready to talk with fairies and want to have aculas to save his father life. Short tells artemis that her father stole the aculas and hide it for everyone safety and become traitor for their own kind. Artemis tell short he read about the fairy whos name is Beechwood Short who help him to save the aculas.

They both decide to work together. Fairies don’t have access to enter in Fowl’s mansion that’s why they send Mulch to go inside. Mulch is dwarf, he can’t resist himself to find treasure in mansion and artemis let him do that. Because he knows that Aculas is in the mansion somewhere and only dwarf can find it and open it.

And their we find the Aculas. Time capsule has been fallen apart, they have no time for anything else. Holly decide to take her chances to save Artemis father’s life. Holly uses the aculas and save his father’s life and give aculas to fairy world and save everyone. Artemis and Holly become friends forever.

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