12 ‘O’ Clock | 2021 Movie Review

Hello!! everyone, today we are going to talk about a horror, thriller movie 12’o’ Clock 2021 movie. Here is the 12 ‘O’ Clock | 2021 Movie Review. before we get started let’s take a look at the trailer of the movie.

ooooohhhooo…That’s just freaky right. Now let’s get into it.

12 o clock ANDAR KA BHOOT

Introduction:- This is the most horror and thriller movie in 2021. It has amazing cinematography work. You just can’t imagine or predict what will be happening in the next 10 min. So if u getting bored by watching regular drama movie so try this thriller mysterious movie 😈


Answer one thing about the entire movie is written n directed by ram Gopal Varma. so be tense free it’s a full package of entertainment and all characters give their best in this movie. Let’s get begin.

Now we start our horror review journey let’s tie ur seat belt properly for the thrill.

The first scene of the movie is full of suspense and you can also skip ur heartbeat. By that scene, you can get an outline of thrill in the entire movie. And the thrills continue for the first 20-25 min. And that way you entered the story of the movie.

All story is based on one girl whose behavior changes suddenly in her regular life. So her family got scared of her and doing anything to save her that u watch in the movie.

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😈And all the time in the movie you can hear scary sounds like some mantra. That sound gives goosebumps to you and skips the heartbeat of every scary moment so do mentally prepared ur mind😈

The IMDb rating for this movie is 4.4 /10 But don’t look at its rating there’s a lot you can’t think of. It’s a very Thrilling and frightening movie u can’t even think so do watch it

Characters in movie

Krishna Gopal as a Gauri:- Gauri is a college student, she can feel the ghosts ( aatma ) and one incident happens when she going by the road of the cremation ground and she acts different by that day n her family got scared from her behavior
The acting of Krishna Gopal is the super best in the movie .she is the center of all movie

Mithun Chakraborty as a Debu :-
Debu is a smart psychiatrist doctor he cures hundreds of psycho patients. And Gauri’s dad takes her to Debu to cure her psycho condition. And she harms Debu during treatment so he scared of her. How he cure her condition that will see you in movie.

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Makrand Deshpande as a Rao :-
Rao is a simple hard-working dad of Gauri. He is pion in office and he has a small home where his whole family is living with his mother. he and his family scared of her when she behaves unnatural and by overcoming many problems he saves his family that will see you in the movie

Ashish Vidyarthi as a Baba:-
Baba is the Tantrik who can run away ghosts, spirits, and demons from our bodies. Gauri and her dad come here to baba to free Gauri from bad ghosts and from her bad behavior but the methods of baba are very harmful so she can’t handle it and after some time baba is harmed by ghosts that you will see you in the movie.

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Manav Kaul as a Francis D’Souza:- Francis is a strict police officer. He is the best in his work. He was done lots of encounters but he behaves very cruel with her wife ( Flora Saini ) she endures his torture every day but she is helpless so she can’t do anything
So how Francis met Gauri and what trouble happens when they meet that will see you in the movie.

The ending of the movie is a very interesting part of movie. The whole movie is epic we can’t even predict what will happens in the next 10 min. So watch this movie n feel the goosebumps.

The end of the movie is a very creepy part where you may be emotional and a little bit scared and worried about Gauri. Her parents decided to cure the problem for a lifetime so they Make a decision by placing a stone on the heart that will u see in the movie.


For sure once you start the movie till the end you can’t let down ur eye for 1 sec. This movie is will fits in ur head for a long time and u just can’t stop thinking about all characters after the end of the movie.

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